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If you own a domestic or exotic animal go to Exotic Law for information on NAIS!!! To learn more about NAIS, and what it means for farmers and consumers, visit Liberty Ark Coalition If you own a domestic or exotic animal - please join Phoenix Exotic Wildlife Association, Inc.  This is a group of private owners from all across America which includes individuals, sanctuaries and breeders. They are an organization of active members working to protect and maintain the rights of private ownership through responsible behavior.  We need to organize to stop groups that want to ban ownership of our beloved animals and let the government take over. Click here for more info     R E P O - PAC Welcome to our web site, enjoy the time and learn a little about REPO-PAC Inc.. Our immediate goals are to promote Private Ownership of all exotic animals and show our respect for these animals. Our Group is working every day to protect your rights to own the pet of your choice.

New World Training Center- Bethany's horse training site.
Treasure Hunt Dachshunds - Mariann's dachshund site
Omega Computers -Brandon's computer site coming soon

    Are they legal in Your State?
We no longer have any skunks here...WV no longer allows any pet permits for skunks, raccoons or foxes http://www.wvdnr.gov/2007news/07news101.shtm


Skunk Law  A brand new site dedicated to the laws governing skunks. Skunklaw was formed by Dominique and Beth Durbin for the purpose of eliminating bans on domestic striped skunks as pets. We are dedicated to seeing "kill only policies" changed not only in Illinois but across the United States. It is our belief that prohibition policies are inhumane and create negative public opinions about a noble species. Our goal is to promote positive aspects of the domestic skunk as a companion animal and advocate for the humane treatment of both domestic and wild skunks.


PET SHOPS ON-LINERabies Information: There is a rabies shot called Imrab3, made in Georgia. The testing was all done years ago. "All" we have to do is get the word SKUNKS on the label and we're there, but that has proven VERY difficult, twice. There have been petitions with thousands of names presented to the company and before they could do anything, other people have made unpleasant waves and ticked the company off. Reportedly the petitions have been destroyed....I don't know.
Though rehabbers do it openly, it is illegal to inoculate wildlife by most
state laws and since we haven't succeeded (or even tried?) in getting
distinction written in law between WILD and DOMESTIC skunks.......technically it's
illegal for us to inoculate our own animals. That is a hurdle that needs addressing before we can hope to succeed
in getting an approved Rabies vaccine for our skunks.

Canada has been baiting for Rabies for years and has almost obliterated it
from their wildlife......the Imrab3 success rate is 98%...
and the last I heard, ours, which the FDA approves and the law requires that
we give dogs and cats, has a success rate of 70% I believe.

So, if you would like to own a skunk... which is a wonderful pet... contact the USDA or DNR in your state and tell them about the rabies vaccine


Some Favorite Links to Skunk sites:

Skunks As Pets The ultimate site from the original Skunk Lady!

OOPS - Owners of Pet Skunks This site has lots of information on ownership, skunk care, books, photos, merchandize, rabies, colors, etc.

The Skunk Stripe educational and entertaining website about skunks. There are fun and interesting facts about skunks, as well as pictures which can be used as desktop wallpaper, and a fun quiz to test your knowledge of skunks.

Just Skunks If you are a pet skunk owner or just love skunks, then you have come to the right place. Whether you are new to the skunk world, an experienced skunk owner, or are looking for information on domestic skunks, there is something for everyone at Just SkunksŪ.

  PET SKUNK  Another great place for information on raising skunks...

Yahoo Group Skunk Info  We welcome anyone that loves skunks and wants to learn more. We are here to assist in deciding if a domestic skunk is the right pet for you. We offer suggestions on raising a pet skunk concerning diet, training, health, medical, behavior, and other issues. If you already own a skunk then we welcome your suggestions and comments. We all learn by sharing our experiences.


The American Skunk Breeders Association The place to find skunk shows, state laws, newsletters, skunk adoptions, etc

The American Domestic Skunk Association, Inc Ohio/Indiana Deborah Cipriani is President:  Skunk Haven is our Domestic Skunk Care and Rescue site. We are dedicated to collecting and distributing information on proper dietary health, medical treatments, and traditional and non-traditional recuperative processes.

Aspen Skunk Rabies Research After a losing their pet to a tragedy that should never have happened, this family started a non-profit organization for the research of a rabies vaccine in the US (Canada already has one!) There is also a petition to sign.


Places that sell skunks:

Ruby Fur Farm: If your state allows skunks, here is a place to buy one. We raise our animals with tender, loving care, and we can ship them anywhere in the world. With more than 65 years of experience, we have the knowledge to provide you with healthy, unique animals that are sure to delight your customers.

Exotic Critters: Black and White Skunks are $300. Apricots, smokes, chocolates and albinos are $350 We are now taking $50.deposits for 2007 babies.

Brighten Farms We are USDA & State licensed breeders of pet Skunks. Wondering what kind of pet a skunk would make? They are friendly and curious, but also a bit headstrong and challenging pets. Informative site and animal care tips; foods, supplies, cages, supplements and books


Skunk Discussion Board This is the skunk list. It's for discussion of skunks, as pets or as wildlife. People here know many things, and tend to have lots of information.

 Skunks as Pets of Alabama WELCOME TO THE WONDERFUL WORLD OF SKUNKS!!!!!!!

Scent Sational Skunks Home of the Domestic Skunk Association, Inc The American Domestic Skunk Association, Inc. is an international 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded and run on love of the domestic skunk.  Our primary purpose is education and our philosophy is "To educate is to protect."  Our activities are aimed at safeguarding the lives of pen-raised skunks who have been captive bred for generations at licensed breeding facilities.  While we do not advocate the capture of wild skunks as pets, we will readily provide assistance to wildlife rehabilitators and individuals who have come to the aid of an orphaned wild skunk. 

Skunk Haven We are an international rescue and assistance group that will help anyone with their pet skunks. If you need advice or can not care for your skunk any longer please call or email us for help. We have our APHIS-USDA license and Ohio permits for transport and dealer activities. We have contacts in many areas that can help you!

We are dedicated to collecting and distributing information on proper dietary health, medical treatments, and traditional and non-traditional recuperative processes.

Contact us if you have a pet skunk that you can no longer care for, or you would like to adopt a pet skunk. We have members and associates throughout the US, Canada, and several European countries, and can provide direct support and assistance in almost all cases.

Mutual Love

Legal in which States??

Go to   Skunk Haven to find out if it is legal in your state

Link HERE to all states' wildlife departments addresses and phone numbers.



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