Front: Mariann Lilly, Amy Perkins, Eamon Peyton
Marilyn Goodenow, Wendy Mays, Aiden Peyton
Jackie Houchin, Marcy Lilly, Director.


Who are we?

We are a group that loves to praise the Lord with song. Some of us have beautiful singing voices, and some of us may not have the best singing voices, but we all love to sing with our hands. When we perform and receive a love donation, we have used it to send Mariann on a variety of Mission Trips (To Peru, Panama, Mexico, and Haiti) through Global Expeditions.

When do we meet?

We meet every Tuesday night at 6:30 pm for an hour at the Open Arms Baptist Church in Mt. Nebo, WV. We are downstairs, so drive around to the back and come on in!
~ all ages are welcome ~

What type of music do we sign to?

We like a variety of music. Ballads are beautiful when put to sign language. However, we do other types of Christian music -  Contemporary  rock, Pop Rock,  Country...  Each one in the group has their favorites, and some have chosen songs to do as solos. Drama is a necessary part of our program. Our leader,  Marcy Lilly, chooses the songs and figures out the signs for them before bringing them to the group. Everyone then works on the songs and signs to make them flow and look graceful.

Can anyone learn to Sign to Music?

Yes, anyone can learn. At first it may seem awkward, but the signs used in songs of praise are used again and again. You will be surprised how easy it is to learn Sign Language when it is put to music.

When did we start?

Marcy Lilly started with her three children when they were young. The Lilly's performed every year for a local Deaf Christmas program.  She taught the church's Shechem Kid's Club to sign to music and they also performed at the Deaf Christmas program. As the children grew older she started a group called Memorial's Flying Fingers that only performed at Christmas. In 2004 she formed a group which is currently 
"Silent Hands."



Shechem Kids Club


            Signing Lilly Family                                 Memorial's Flying Fingers                        

Silent Hands



Mariann in a dramatio role

For more information contact:
 Marcy Lilly      or    Marilyn Goodenow 304-872-6396

Learn my language,
My beautiful native language
Hear my hands
Hear my music and story
Learn my language
Speak to me with your hands
Share my beautiful language
Hear my silent hands
We have a tale to tell,
A song to sing
Open your eyes
And hear me speak.

Written by: Sandra Brooks-Sego