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   Heading out of Pittsburgh to Atlanta to Miami to Panama City!







Dec 27 – Fly to the airport in Miami to begin your Expedition. You’ll be picked up from your gate, and whisked away to registration! Meet your leaders and team, and begin training and preparing for ministry in the Panama Jungle. Depart that evening for Panama City!

Dec 28 - After arriving in Panama, you’ll meet your Global Partners and get a cultural introduction to Jungle ministry. During country orientation, you will get to know your host missionaries and meet your translators. Also, you will train more on the specific ministry tools that you will be using in the jungle.

Hey Friends & Family,

We arrived in Panama City late last night! The kids are doing great. We went to our hotel and checked in after we arrived.
Today they are practicing for VBS and settling into their teams. Early tomorrow morning we will be heading out to our village trips, and should be there for several days. Everyone is excited and can't wait to get out there. Since we will be in remote villages these young adults will not be able to call home for several days. As soon as we are back in the city we will be sure to have them call their parents.
Thank you so much for your prayers. We miss you all!
- Toby Anderson and Sarah Wilson
- Trip Project Directors

Dec 29 – Prepare for hard-core mission work as you strap on your backpack and hike into the Darien jungle. Experience what it is like to live in a tribal village for a week! Work with a local pastor to share the Gospel in the village through VBS, hut-to-hut, service projects, and nightly church services.


Dec 30 – Spend time serving and working alongside the indigenous people to develop relationships with them and share Jesus with them. Speak one-on-one with the nationals, and see the village transform in front of your very eyes!

Testimonies from the missionaries:


Dec 30 2006 05:22PM

It was great to see that playing with the kids made the parents happy and in return they talked to us more.
- Mariann L.

Dec 30 2006 06:16PM

Ever since Wed. I have been gaining new experiences. I have found the spiritual challenge that only God could provide.. I have been shown my obstacles as well as solutions. This whole trip has filled me with hope. Today at VBS I was natural but I am still unfamiliar with this whole thing. So I praise God for the new experiences, seeing those smiling faces and interacting with them was awesome.
 - Peter P

Dec 30 2006 06:07PM

The children here are so loving. Before VBS began , I was kicking a soccer ball around and several children ran up from the street to join in. Three girls latched on to me and did not let go until it was time to go home. They laughed at my broken Spanish and loved the songs and crafts during the day. Before they left they each gave me a kiss. Any reservations I had about this trip vanished as I walked them out of the church.
- Magen L

Dec 30 2006 06:01PM

Wow today was the first VBS and it was amazing . All the little children were always so bright and cheerful and glad to see us. I gave this little boy a piggyback ride while we were playing games and he was so happy.. Everyone here enjoyed the Panamanians. They are wonderful people who are poor yet without greed and always seem to be so happy. God is working here in amazing ways and I can guarantee that I will come home changed.
- Joseph

Dec 30 2006 05:46PM

Today was so amazing with unexpected turnouts. The greatness I realized today was the joy that the kids had. This gives me so much to think about how these kids can still be happy when they don't have much. How grateful I should be when I go home.
- Travis S.

Dec 30 2006 05:42PM

There was no better sound than a child's laughter. To love somebody and let them know God has a plan for them was the best gift we could give.
- Daniel S

Dec 30 2006 05:41PM

So far on this trip I have already witnessed amazing works of God. He has truly provided for everything that we've needed to show these people that He does love them and he does have a perfect plan for them. Yesterday was our first day in the jungle and already God was moving. Myself and my amazing team leader Brian and a few other teen missionaries were invited to come to one of the churches and give our testimonies and stories. Three people committed themselves to Jesus that night. Three souls were saved from Satan's grasp!
- Mary T.

Dec 30 2006 05:32PM

Today I gave a toy car to a little boy and he wanted to give it back to me. I tried to tell him that it was his. Then we started to push the car back and forth. I had a great time playing with him and showing Jesus's love to him.
- Joshu

Dec 30 2006 05:29PM

Today was our very first VBS. The kids were all so excited. They all had smiles on their faces. It was cool to see the joy that they received from something as simple as playing games and singing songs. The joy and smiles on their faces made me realize that this is why we are here, and why we are doing what we are doing.
- Richelle

Dec 30 2006 05:21PM

We were playing games with the kids and they were all happy and having a great time. It was awesome! -Sarah


Dec 31-Jan 2 – Spend your time doing hut-to-hut evangelism, playing with the children, and communicating the Gospel by sharing stories from the Bible.

Jan 3 – Emerge from the jungle for a hot shower and a day in Panama City! This bustling city sports attractions from the world-famous Panama Canal to the Cinco de Mayo Indian markets. You'll be sure to find some unique souvenirs to carry home for friends and family!

Jan 4 – Return home