Weeks 2 - 4

New  Zealand: The Beginning  

WEEK 1: Take off and Arrival                                            

  WEEKS 2 - 4: Busy time, New Friends Huka Jetting

Final Weeks 4 - 8 Updates from the field    

***Brandon's Pictures...Friends he met...Journal entries


Brandon was so busy during the first few weeks after arriving in New Zealand that we didn't hear from him for over 14 days. This apparently bothered us more than it did him! He and his friend Jesse are not on the same team, but that was OK with them. In the evenings, they all meet  and share stories.  They have been in malls, schools, churches, doing personal evangelism, choreographed dance, and they did a presentation on 9/11 for a Christian School. They are staying about an hour from Auckland at a camp. There are other organizations staying there also.

There were about 43 kids for the first half of the trip. Around July 7  the first team (team A) left to go home. Brandon had made many good friends with this group and suddenly there were only 18 of them left (team C) The next team to come in (team B) is supposed to be very large. In the mean time, Brandon has had some free time to enjoy the sights of New Zealand and has finally been able to go Huka Jetting . This is jet boating to Huka Falls, spinning 360 degrees and coming very close to the rock walls. (www.hukajet.co.nz. )

Brandon is in the front on the right

He has tried American hotdogs, which he claims are the worst tasting hotdogs he's ever had. Now, Brandon loves hotdogs, so this is probably quite a blow!  He tells us there is rarely any mustard there, and the catsup is just tomato paste. They all seem to crave catsup now that they can't have it!

 He has fallen in love with a candy bar called TimTams.

Try a Tim Tam Slam... bite the ends off of a Tim Tam and suck your favorite liqueur hot chocolate, or even your coffee through it.

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