WEEK 1: Take Off and Arrival

New Zealand: The Beginning  

WEEK 1: Take off and Arrival                                            

  WEEKS 2 - 4: Busy time, New Friends Huka Jetting

Final Weeks 4 - 8 Updates from the field    

***Brandon's Pictures...Friends he met...Journal entries

Brandon and I designed this tee-shirt for him


Heading in... nervous??                         Checking in at the airport.

I was told by  a security guard that I

 was not suppose to take this picture.


Jesse and Brandon in the security check line.

Brandon had custom hats made for he and Jesse

with this logo on them.



Message from Brandon:  Hello Family !! Arrived at TM without too many problems other than the bus ride that took 2 HOURS!!  Augh!  I'm having a blast down here, and I'm getting to be pretty good friends with some of the peeps. Ran out of space. Luv ya!