Final Weeks

New Zealand: The Beginning  

WEEK 1: Take off and Arrival                                            

  WEEKS 2 - 4: Busy time, New Friends Huka Jetting

Final Weeks 4 - 8 Updates from the field    

***Brandon's Pictures...Friends he met...Journal entries


From  Brandon's e-mail:
   We're heading out  to some other place in New Zealand for about a week, so you probably won't hear from me  during that time.
   I said "hi" to all those peeps for you, some are on my team, some are not.
   We have a cool new team name the "Freedom Fighters"! Much better than P.H.A.T.T.Y.F.L.A.V.A. (Pure Holy and True To Yahweh, Full of Love and Vision Always). Ah well, still cool.
    I have been able to talk to a few  of the A Trippers, kinda cool.
Found out that Nyam, on her way back home, stood up and  preached in the airport! So cool!

New Zealand Garden


The teams arrived safely in New Zealand on Tuesday, June 18,2002. Right now they are getting some rest. On Wednesday we will be sleeping in, getting acclimated, doing laundry,  and trying to call home in person. On Thursday we will start our ministry here. Our main ministry tools are drama and dance. We are going over the dance so we are ready to present it in high schools here in New Zealand. Please pray for us and we look forward to giving you another update as soon as possible.
One young man was won to the Lord at a high school. he was invited to a youth service the following Friday night.  He not only came but brought 2 other friends. That Sunday he brought his little brother and 4 other friends who came out to play rugby. His life had taken a dramatic turn. Our bus driver, who is a Jehovah's Witness, came to a healing meeting at our contact's church, and was miraculously cured of a long term back injury. he gave testimony on the spot, the church went wild.
"Greetings from New Zealand:  All is well and we are having a wonderful time. During ministry training, Jesse Hovemeyer was dealing with a past knee injury. At one point he was experiencing intense pain. His team gathered around him and prayed and at first there was no visible result.  The second time they prayed, Jesse was totally healed and has been doing great ever since.  Most of our ministry so far has been personal evangelism"
The "Freedom Fighters" left for Whangarei, which is a few hours north of Auckland. During the week they did several rallies in schools and ministered in the malls. On Friday, "Sweet As Jesus" and "New Zealand Fire" met up in Whangarei for an afternoon of personal evangelism and then an evening service.  That night our entire project was able to see God do incredible things as we partnered with our local youth group, Zeal. On Saturday we had the opportunity to meet with a few youth groups in the Whangarei area and talk about unity and encourage  the believers in reaching their own area with the gospel. Sunday morning we had an incredible worship service as a project. The presence of God was very strong during worship and we took time out of our busy schedule to get filled up and ministered to by the Lord.
Our last week of ministry  here in New Zealand has been great. We've seen many sincere salvations as  the teams have gone out into the malls and schools to do personal evangelism. One of our Mission Advisors, Stephanie Mosier, commented to us about how she'll be different when she returns home. .. We just finished our last day of ministry yesterday. This last week of ministry has been intense and it has been incredible to see our/your young people out there talking to people and leading them to the Lord. There have been many reports of divine appointments. .. Right now we are in Rotaruaen enjoying a bit of a holiday before we head back to Texas. When your young people return home to you, I am sure that they will have many stories. I am also confident that you sill be happy to see what God has done in their lives.



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