Mariann heads to Mexico with Teen Mania's Global Expeditions July 2007


Sleeping quarters at GE


Poverty... immediately seen as you cross the border...





One of the mission work that Mariann did was to build a house for a family. The house was about the size our our standard sheds. There was 2 windows, one in the back and one in the front for air flow. The roof was metal with no insulation.






The missionaries traveled to a prison and spoke to the inmates there. They also did ministry in the Dump - a place where homeless families  live. Homeless are not allowed to live in the town - they are banned. The missionaries performed their drama, they would have to drop down on the ground in garbage.


When the garbage trucks arrive, the people there rush over to see what they can find to sell.





The missionaries also  provided  Vacation Bible School for the local children








The missionaries performed a drama for local people and school children:








Traveling by bus was not always comfortable  



Mariann slept on the concrete floor... hard but cool in the 110* weather





The missionaries did take time for some fun...





The missionaries did get to swim at the beach one day.