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Our Petting Zoo 
To You!

Note: We are currently having Hamlet, our mini-pig come and kiss the contestant. Hamlet is adorable, loves being around people and knows how to kiss on command!

How does it work?
For schools, the fund-raising event usually takes place during a week long period of time (i.e. Spirit Week). During this time students collect money by class groups. The teacher of the class that raises the most money at the end of the week must kiss the pig at the "grand finale" event. Usually the principal, vice-principal, and any other "notable" persons must kiss the pig as well.

There are several other ways the contest can be run which work better for other types of organizations:

1. Individuals in different categories (i.e. age categories) compete to raise the most money. The winners of each category are then allowed to choose who they would most like to see kiss the pig (i.e. group leader, parent, etc.) at the final event.
2. Leaders of the organization (i.e. president, Girl Scout leader, pastor, etc.) volunteer to kiss the pig if a certain amount of money can be raised by the group members in a certain amount of time.
3. The organization can be divided into groups with a leader assigned to each group. The groups are given a certain period of time to raise as much money as possible. The leaders of the groups who do not win must then kiss the pig at the final event.
4. For a one day event, raffle tickets can be sold. The purchaser then has the choice of placing their ticket(s) in separate boxes labeled with the names of several "notable" persons (i.e. organization leaders). The "notable" person with the most tickets by the end of the day must then kiss the pig.
5. For schools or churches, containers may be placed in high traffic areas, such as near the front office or in the main lobby. The containers are labeled with the names of the people who may have to kiss the pig. The person (or top three people, etc.) who receives the most money in their container must kiss the pig.

                           When and where can the "kissing" take place?
For the final event, a date is chosen and scheduled ahead of time with High Lonesome Ranch. The final event is usually held in an assembly or large group setting where all the fund-raising participants (and even their families, if possible) are present to witness the kissing of the pig.

                Kissing Tips:
Here are some tips to help make your Kiss-the-Pig event a huge success:
1. Have one or all of the female "kissers" wear bright red lipstick that wipes off easily. It will come off on the pigs nose as "proof" of the kiss. (Children really love this.)
2. If a microphone is available, have the announcer ask the pig questions about the contest, etc. The pig will grunt and make "pig" noises in response to the questions. (Children really laugh at this, too.)
3. Provide a sturdy table for the pig to stand on. The pig can easily be lifted onto the table by the animal handler and has been trained for this, so he is comfortable doing so. This way the "kissers" do not have to get on their knees to kiss the pig and the pictures also are much better. (Since pigs do have hooves, which do not handle slippery surfaces well, High Lonesome Ranch does provide a table covering that gives more traction for the pig while on the table.)

Why have a pig from High Lonesome Ranch come to your event?
You will want one that is friendly, well trained, safe around people, clean, and healthy.

 Our pig will:
Interact well with people.
Is comfortable around people - even in front of loud crowds.
Trained to walk on a leash
Trained to stand calmly  to be kissed.
Clean and healthy

How much does it cost?
The cost of having High Lonesome Ranch bring a pig for your Kiss-the-Pig Contest does depend on the amount of time the pig is needed and also the location of the event. The first 1/2 hour is $50 and any time after that is $25 per 1/2 hour. The travel costs are based on $1.20 per mile one-way to a city or town outside of Nicholas County.
When you have a pig from High Lonesome Ranch come to your event you are not getting a wild pig that has to be wrestled on stage, such as a common farm pig would be. Pigs do have very sharp teeth and when scared will bite. A pig that a local farmer might offer for free can prove to be dangerous, since they have been taken out of their "home" (very likely for the first time) and then forced in front of a loud crowd of people. Why risk having a bad experience with a "free" pig when you could have a great experience with a pig from High Lonesome Ranch?

Hamlet taking a snack out of Mariann's mouth