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Candid Pictures of the Delegates

***Currently we are not open to the public,
 due to illness, changes and construction.***

Delegation Leaders : Mrs. Gill, Ms. Ferri, Mr. Minter (he's hiding) and Holly.


Ahh... the comforts of home



And more...

Austria  and Switzerland



Thirsty?  Have a little coke...

  Cecily. Setera.


Bill going on a bob sled.



 Jessica.  Joe.







  The mummy is an actual person. In Italy, many of them dress up as mummies, grime reaper...Even the Statue of Liberty and then stand still in order to get Euros. 


Holly.    Erin.  Robby trying to be a French man. Robby trying to be a French man.

Gondola Traffic Jam

Traveling is exhausting!