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Brandon is a very focused, hard working young man.  We have always seen him as a "going on 40" type of kid. He has his life planned out and knows where he wants to go and is always figuring out how to get there. When Brandon puts his mind to something it takes a lot to get him off of his "train track" ~ a trait he inherited from his father.

Brandon has lived an unconventional lifestyle - We have homesteaded and lived without electricity and running water. We used to joke that our running water was Brandon running with a bucket of water from the barrels! We have raised an assortment of exotic and domestic animals. At one time we had over 30 species and 100 animals that Brandon and his sisters cared for.

He has traveled around the world as a Teen Missionary with Teen Mania Ministries Global Expeditions. He spent 2 months in New Zealand and 2 months in Botswana Africa.

He is very serious about his relationship with God and follows His Word.


Brandon is very interested in computers and has been for many years.  He started his own company Omega  Computers when he was 14 ~ he repaired and built computers for sale. He funded some of his mission trips this way.

~with Will, his manager and Boss




He loves to sing and has a beautiful voice. While living at home he participated in the Community Choir singing Messiah, and our own church choir.


He can also play the recorder and the African Harp.


He is very proficient in Sign Language and has participated in many events ~  He signs beautifully to music ~ participating at home for our Deaf Christmas Program and with Teen Mania's Broken Hands. Broken Hands travels with Teen Mania's Aquire the Fire concerts and provides Interpretation for any deaf teen that attends.





Brandon grew up here on High Lonesome Ranch and has helped build the house and our 30X60 barn. He was in charge of the firewood and stove, fed and watered a variety of domestic and exotic animals. He has been involved with our traveling zoo ~  teaching and demonstrating

~With Bob the Coati ~ a wild turkey ~ Fosskers the Fox ~ and Fred the Emu


~First Day

Brandon started working at Radio Shack at age 15.  He funded part of his first mission trip with this job. At age 20 he was back with Radio Shack in Texas and still has the love of selling ~ He is very sociable and enjoys interacting with the public and his co-workers.
He is currently employed in Texas with Countryside

He has also helped with:

***  Summersville Christmas Store
*** Farm Safety Days (Demonstrator)
*** Deaf Christmas Program
*** Relay for Life (American Cancer Society)     
*** Memorial Methodist Church's Vacation Bible School 
*** Petting Zoo Live Nativity Scene
*** Huntington Youth Group     
*** High Lonesome Ranch Petting Zoo

~Mixing mortar



Brandon was homeschooled from 2nd grade until he graduated, at age 17 in 2003. His interest in learning has continued ~ being homeschooled expands their love of learning, unlike being in the public school. He started reading at age 5, read to his sisters and even helped underachievers in the public school when he was in first grade!

He continued with his education with 2 years at Teen Mania's Honor Academy ~ expanding his knowledge and relationship with God.

                                                                                                                     ~Reading the funnies





~ With "DRiVEN" a creative team

 ~ In the pool at HA  



~At Honor Academy




Grounds and Maintenance    

~ Carrying water In Botswana ~ he never carried it like this on High Lonesome Ranch!



Huka Jetting in  New Zealand






~ Brandon and his sister Bethany comparing muscles


~ at Honor Academy Graduation

  ~ His girl, Jen...             



their wedding...



~ With Dad and Mom

 ~ Brandon and his Nana in Florida                                                                    ~Brandon arriving from Botswana with Bethany and Mariann