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Brandon Lilly headed to Teen Mania Headquarters in Garden Valley, Texas on June 11, 2003 on the first leg of his journey to Botswana Africa, where he  spread the Word of God through skits, drama, and talking to the people. He  returned August 5, 2003.

He traveled with Global Expeditions, part of Teen Mania.

This has been a difficult struggle to get the funds for this trip. He helped clean a donated mobile home to sell and split the profits with the donator and another teen missionary, had a raffle for a donated whitewater rafting trip- which, due to inclement weather, only netted $7.00! Sold a webpage design to H&H Pallets, received generous donations from his church families, both Summersville Memorial Methodist, and Summersville Church of God.

 He sold computer parts and pieces at a large flea market. He also had bunnies, chicks and ducks for sale during the Easter Holiday. He spoke at churches and youth groups around West Virginia and also in Largo, Florida.

A special thank you goes to the David and Alice Merryman for their support.


Brandon arrives at Teen Mania Headquarters in Garden Valley, Texas 6/11/03


Hey Family , arrived safely. We start training tomorrow. We'll be learning the Ragman, did that in NZ also. Seems that a TON of peeps from NZ are here also, but only Meryl is going Botzi C, but that's cool.  Mom, I called and left a message, hope you get it. Love to all, I'll try to call when we get to Botzi. God Bless! Brandon


6/22/03   Greetings! Through the power of the Internet and Teen Mania's Parent Discussion Board, and what little I have been able to hear from Brandon, I thought I would pass on what he is up to!
He finally made it to Botswana about June 17 after 2 grueling days of riding a bus 7 hours each day. Today he leaves for the bush where he will live with an African tribe for one week.
They are based in Maun, Botswana at Love Outreach Mission. (There is a little bit of information about Botswana there and what Jerry and Jana Lackey and their 3 sons are accomplishing there.) They are living in tents and camping out the whole time they are there. Luckily the temperatures are in the high 70's during the day and the 50's at night.
After he comes back from the bush they will travel to Zimbabwe and go to Victoria Falls.  This will mark the half way point for his trip. He will then go back to the Outreach Mission.




June 20, 2003
Dear Parents, We have been having a great time so far working with your children in Botswana. They are learning so much and working hard to help others understand Jesus. Here is one of the stories from our ministry this week: One missionary had the chance to lead an older man to the Lord. It was the first time this missionary had ever led someone to Christ. The gentleman's son also gave his heart to God that day. When the ministry group asked him about his experience, the son told them that he accepted Jesus with his whole heart. As you can see, your kids are having an exciting time and making the most of every opportunity to help people make real commitments to Jesus.

June 27, 2003 

Phone update   The missionaries will be doing Hut to Hut Personal Evangelism and then teach Vacation Bible School in the afternoon. They are attempting to plant a church here with the tribe and will have their first service on Sunday June 29, 2003! Keep them in your prayers!

Cozy Travel in Botswana 



                            The "1419"                                                        The "911"

Our mode of transportation - Mercedes Benz!




June 27, 2003
Dear Parents, we just spent a great week in the bush village of Gumare. God moved in the hearts of the people!
The teams went out and ministered ''''hut to hut'''' during the mornings. The goal of this was to build relationships with the people of the village before inviting them to a gospel presentation. The teams invited people to come to a viewing of the Jesus film in their language during the evening.
In the afternoon the teams spent time going around to three local schools and doing vacation bible school-style activities with the children.
On Thursday and Friday about 1700 people from the village attended a viewing of the Jesus film. More than half of the people made a decision to commit their lives to the Lord. Afterwards, some of the people wanted prayer for healing.

Thursday night Brandon took the opportunity and spoke to the crowd

Some of your children began praying with a blind woman and saw her immediately healed!
On Sunday, the community gathered again for the first church service in the village. There were 1200 people who attended! We introduced a native pastor and told them how they could continue to develop their relationship with the Lord by attending their new church.
We believe God is going to continue the good work He began in Gumare.
We look forward to ministering in a similar way in another village this week, using relationship building and vacation bible schools to invite people to watch the Jesus film.
We're also excited about our upcoming safari!
Thank you for your continued prayer support.
Sarah Mathis & David Dean Project Directors to Botswana A


"Brick" our TL with over 500 Salvation Cards!!!


June 30, 2003

Phone update The missionaries helped plant a church and on Sunday had 500 come to be saved. They handed out over 1200 gifts and toys to 800 students during Vacation Bible School. They will be going on a Safari on Wednesday and will get to a nice motel on Wednesday and Thursday in Zimbabwe. The first group (Trip A) will be leaving for the USA on Friday. Trip C will wait for the new arrivals to come (Trip B).




After the boxes are emptied, the cardboard is used for walls in the houses

Consider This:

For thousands of Zimbabwean families a piece of brown cardboard is all that exists between them and the elements.


July 04, 2003
Dear parents, the missionaries spent the final days of our trip in Zimbabwe. It was the first extended free time they had since the trip began. Even during their free time, the missionaries could be found sharing their faith with nationals.
For example, during dinner one evening, they began a conversation with a waiter who claimed to be a psychic. While the regular customers ate dinner our missionaries were pouring over scriptures sharing truth with their waiter. They were determined to take advantage of every opportunity!

We have truly enjoyed leading your children during this trip!

Sarah Mathis & David Dean Project Directors to Botswana A


July 16, 2003

Phone update The missionaries are doing the Drama "Ragman" and then will do hut to hut personal evangelism and then visit schools and hospitals. They will head back out into the bush on Saturday.

July 18, 2003

Dear Parents, Your students are doing well here in Botswana. We have had many opportunities to minister to the people here, specifically in the schools. We have had several opportunities to get into schools to share about AIDís prevention and share the gospel. The school ministry has been challenging and extremely rewarding as several young people have made confessions of faith. Our teams have found the young people of Botswana very open to the gospel.

Aimee and Mark, Project Directors to Botswana B


August 3, 2003

Dear Friends,

We just heard from Brandon and he has arrived in the USA, from Africa and is currently at the Teen Mania Headquarters!!!! We spoke for about 20 minutes, and he was bubbling over with stories to tell! When they left Botswana they had absolutely no time - traveling by bus to the airport was about a 14 hour drive. Then they had 2 different flight changes with only minutes between to catch the flight. He was still on the "high" and quite excited to be home.
In Botswana, he had the opportunity to speak to a crowd of over 1200 - of which, those of you that know Brandon personally, know couldn't have been too difficult for him!
The people of Botswana were warm and very welcoming to the teens, and begged to hear more stories of the Gospel. He took over 500 pictures - sounds like a lot until he tells of 2 other teens that took over 2000 pictures each! It was an awesome experience for him and the other teens.
He arrives in Columbus on Tuesday, and with God's help, will be going back to Honor Academy (Texas) in 10 days. He graduated a year early this year - a testament to those of you that are homeschooling!

So short a time to be home! And he has a list of things to accomplish! (Namely my computer!)

Thank you again for your prayers,
Marcy and Jim Lilly



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