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Bethany is a very motivated, easy going young woman. Her life here on High Lonesome Ranch has been different from her peer group. She has worked long hard hours, lived as a  homesteader without electricity, raised an assortment of animals from domestic to exotic,  been in the public's eye through the ranch, and has a wonderful sense of humor. She loves music and is a part of her church's choir. While living at home she participated in the Community Choir singing Messiah, and our own church choir. Bethany was married to Ryan on July 19, 2009


Her love of music has given her a talent with the mandolin and she has played with a group called "Possum Fats and the Skillet Likkers". She wass the youngest, and the only female in the group.

 ~ Practicing her mandolin for her favorite audience - Gazoo, her schnauzer ~

~ At Pig Town Fling ~


~ Fall Festival at Hardman's ~


~ ~Practicing ~


She loves to take pictures of her horses, and nature:




She is very proficient in Sign Language

At H & H Pallets she was an Interpreter for a deaf employee and signs to music.

 ~Silent Hands at a performance






She does woodburnings for fun and for profit:



Bethany has always had a good work ethic. She never shirks her responsibilities, nor does she complain. She has worked on High Lonesome Ranch since we moved here when she was 5 years old. We have built everything we have with no one's help but our own, and she has been right in the middle of it all...







   ~ Helping her Dad on a new porch ~







When the Ranch was open as a Petting Zoo to the public, Bethany took tours around, helped children learn all about our animals, and answered questions of the kids, adults and even the newspaper.  She has given pony rides, gone to local events and shared her expertise with different animals, and demonstrated goat milking...


She has also helped with:

***  Summersville Christmas Store (4 years)
*** Memorial Methodist Church Apple Festival (3 years)
*** Farm Safety Days (Demonstrator 4 years)
*** Deaf Christmas Program (5 years)

*** Relay for Life (American Cancer Society) (5 years) *** UNICEF
*** Memorial Methodist Church's Vacation Bible School (7 years)
*** Petting Zoo Live Nativity Scene (3 years)
*** Huntington Youth Group (4 years) 

 *** High Lonesome Ranch Petting Zoo

 ~ Helping with Crafts ~

Bethany has worked as a cook for the morning and lunch shift at Hardees, as a hostess at Bob Evans, and first as a utility worker then as a pallet builder at H & H Pallets. Although she was smaller then all the men working there, she could keep up with them. She and her partner were the second fastest team. The nail guns used are approximately 9 pounds and they go through 18,000 nails each day per person. The work day starts at 7:00 am and ends at 5:30 pm. While working there, she  learned to operate heavy equipment such as the loader and bobcat, and she  also operates farm tractors.

 Her strength is amazing!

As a Hostess at Bob Evans

Bethany has been homeschooled from kindergarten all through High School, and graduated at age 17,in 2005:

    (portfolio review)

Learning to write


Bethany has always had a way with animals -

     ~ First kid and first ducklings... ~                                                     Bethany and a Texas Longhorn at    Darrol Dickinson's Cattle Co. in Ohio



~ Sleeping with her skunk, "Pansy"... ~


~ "Lucifer's" grooming ~







~Feeding "Edgar" the Crow~



~ She has raised and shown Labradors ~





And of course her talent with horses: Although we supported her the best we could do, unfortunately for Bethany, Jim and I  had neither the money, contacts, or expertise to help Bethany pursue her dream. She  taught herself how to train horses by videos, books and experience.  At age 16, she had an opportunity to go to Clinton Anderson's Down Under Horsemanship's Apprentice Program, and learned a lot in the short time she was there. She learned 3 things: She truly wants to become a great horse trainer, the work isn't  hard (she was up by 6 am and in bed at 10 pm), she has a talent for one-on-one people training.

Bethany  trained horses in the area - including horses owned by a local farrier ~ she did so well that they  had her train more than one and kept asking her back. She has been in Ocala, Florida with the Seutter Show Horse Ranch.

Bethany worked at Westfall Horsemanship for 2 years.  She is out on her own training horses. New World Training Center

   ~ First time riding a horse ...




Bethany's first horse was a donkey named  "Spookendyke"








~ Bethany bonded with this horse quickly.
She has a talent with horses.


~ "Spot" was a horse at a barn about 2 hours away. ~





 ~Bethany and "Blaze"


~ "Ranger" was a retired race horse given to Bethany ~

 ~Her Appaloosa "Libby"



~ She trained a 2 year old ("Rebel") and rides  him bridleless with only leg pressure ~He has been sold and is now competing in team roping competitions. She bought him for $200 at an auction.





At Suetter's Performance Horses in Florida:


First Show (ever) at Eden Park, Sunbury Ohio

Bethany and Stacy Westfall conferring during practice


Putting on chaps


       Rebel and Bethany






Bethany and Mariann with Dad


Bethany and her sister  Mariann:


At Brandon's wedding


   Bethany loves children


~Bethany and her cousin Cassie~

~Swimming with her cousins

~ this is John David, a family friend.



~ Fishing at a local pond, and in Florida's Gulf ~