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Favorite Pet Links




Bunnies for sale ...

 We will have an assortment of colors - brown, cinnamon, gray, white

email me if you are interested in a bunny. These are for pets... not show quality...

All bunnies are $25.00 and come with a  small bag of feed, a brochure "Caring for your Bunny", and information on how to Litter Train your new pet bunny.  

If you are interested in a "Bunny Package"  which includes all of the above, PLUS would like to add a cage, or rabbitat (outside cage) food and waterer, salt lick, bag of food, and more... please email me for pricing


Check out my blog on raising chickens

PET SHOPS ON-LINEWe have good egg laying chickens for sale.

Want your own fresh eggs? Urban Chicken Coops for sale - Check them out on High Lonesome's Creations page. We will even sell a few pullets to get you started - no rooster, no crowing, just fresh eggs! Interested in starting a small flock? In general, you can have 4-5 hens (no rooster or crowing involved) and get over 28 eggs a week! That's 4 eggs a day! See our Urban Chicken coops! If you want less, we can build a smaller coop, and set you up with just 2 -3 hens!! On the average, 3 hens will give you 2 eggs a day. Hens do like to have friends with them, so you need at least 2 - 3 hens together.

We have pullets for sale - $5.00


Urban Chicken Coop